The Day to Day

We will offer your child a naturally rhythmic day. Affording ample rest time, food on demand and a homelike loving environment. Wild Garden is open all year, with closings for holidays and teacher development. Each year a closing calendar is issued to parents with details. Your child we be welcome as early as 8:30am and as late as 4:30pm.

Our Day: It goes like this.

8:30 am Arrive, Play and Read

9 am Breakfast, Bottle

9:45 Morning Snooze and Chores*

10 am Morning Snooze cont. and Art Play

10:30 am Outside Play

Noon Lunch and Bottle

12:30 pm Afternoon Snooze

3:00 pm Extra Snooze Time and More Food

3:15 pm Outdoor play and Walk

4:30 pm Pick Up

*Daily chores include; laundry, cleaning, cooking, watering the plants, taking out the recycling , composting or working in the garden.

What We Provide

Our caregivers provide everything your child needs while in care; except for food. Including sheets, sleep sacks, hypo -allergenic diapers, wipes, cups, bibs, bowl and utensils. We provide individual cribs and nap mats.

What You Send

You send a bottle, milk, formula, lunch, extra clothes, lotions and/or jar foods.

We strive to be outdoors. Be sure to provide your child with weather appropriate clothing. Check out our list of our favorite gear.