The Day to Day

We will offer your child a naturally rhythmic day. Affording ample rest time, food on demand and a homelike loving environment. Wild Garden is open all year, with closings for holidays and teacher development. Each year a closing calendar is issued to parents with details. Your child we be welcome as early as 8:30am and as late as 4:30pm. You and your family are welcome anytime of the day to visit, feed, read too or play with your baby. We have an open door for pick up drop off as well.

Our Day: It goes a little like this.

8:30 am Arrive, Play outside and Read

9 am Breakfast & Bottle & Diaper

9:45 Morning Snooze and Chores*

10 am Morning Snooze cont. and Art Play

10:15 Story time

10:30 am Outside Play Walk to the park

Noon Lunch, Bottle & Diaper

12:30/1 pm Afternoon Snooze

3:00 pm Extra Snooze Time & Snack & Diaper

3:15 pm Outdoor Play and Walk

4:30 pm Pick Up

*Daily chores include; laundry, cleaning, cooking, watering the plants, taking out the recycling , composting or working in the garden.

What We Provide

Our caregivers provide everything your child needs while in care; except for food. Including sheets, sleep sacks, hypo -allergenic diapers, wipes, cups, bibs, bowl and utensils. We provide individual cribs ( no pack and plays her) and nap mats.

What You Send

You send a bottle, milk, formula, lunch, extra clothes, lotions and/or jar foods.

We strive to be outdoors. Be sure to provide your child with weather appropriate clothing. Check out our list of our favorite gear.

All communications, photos, payments, and fun -come to you through the FAMLY ap. A private forum to text, chat, and stay updated on your child’s day to day.

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