The Adults Who Make it Happen

Our teachers are highly experienced in guiding children through early exploration. They strive to give each child the time they need to explore, learn and discover the beauty in this world. Our goal is continuity of care, where real relationships can be built. With multi-age group classrooms, your child is with the same teacher, from the time they enroll, until they leave for pre-school. A true family like environment.

Rebecca T. Hawkins

Rebecca T Hawkins is a long time Teacher versed in the many languages of children. As the Director of Wild Garden, Becca creates an atmosphere of utmost comfort and quality. Each day she gives her gift of music and love of literature to the children. Rebecca is a charismatic and kind caregiver. Her love of literature grows in the hearts of the children more and more each story time. Rebecca also brings a lust for cooking into the daycare by creating lovely bake goods regularly with the children. The children follow Rebecca’s lead with a morally just compass, it is so nice to watch their relationship encourage such engaged and empowered growth.

Candice Chouinard

Candice is the owner of WGC ( formally Little Schoolhouse) has worked with children of ages and all backgrounds. She has created and implemented some very exceptional programs with some very exceptional children. Candice finds potential in absolutely everyone. She revels in hand-on, long term, messy projects that kids think are just for fun but, are more educational than anything. She professionally manages and supervises with a fair and team oriented fashion- though she’s tough at times, she’s a softy. Candice is highly qualified in visual and performing arts, outdoor recreation, health and fitness, and environmental awareness and program development and implementation. She quickly forges meaningful relationships with children and has a strong tendency towards yielding exceptionally heightened breakthroughs and goal orientated impacts. She is full of life and energy and will tire your child out every day.

Jace Rascal Smith

Jace ‘Rascal’  Smith is a visiting certified art educator with a Masters of Art Education, Massachusetts College of Arts and Design, Boston Massachusetts, who brings a vast array of visual art curriculum  to the children. Rascal has won over every child whom has ever set hands on a brush during a class. Rascal continues to build the arts curriculum at Wild Garden with brilliant and bold projects engaging the children in the arts like they have never done before.

 The Little Roots 

Once a month we welcome the amazing Maggie Shar to sing with us. She brings her love of music, laughter and movement to the children. Parents are welcome to join us the on the first Friday of each month. Check Little Roots out!

Volunteers and More

We visit with the “Grandmas and Grandpas for an intergenerational playdate. We love this time and consider it an integral part of our program.
Photo by Roger Brown on

WildMed : Our amazing CPR/ First Aid trainers

More Teacher Pictures

Find some fun videos from our teachers on You Tube.

Visiting Grandma and Grandpas : A link to a Gazette article
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