Wild Woods

A weekly forest exploration

Wild Wood forest group focused on children three-eight years old. Help your child and yourself find the joys in free forest play and exploration. Come build your confidence with our community in the forest. Explore ways to help your child assess risk, enjoy nature play and find the magic in the woods. Drop off program for those 3 years old and up-who are potty trained.


Learn track identification

Let our experienced facilitators lead you and your child through the WILD WOODS and acquire new skills, knowledge and confidence to bring nature play to life. Following forest school principles for child lead nature immersion, Wild Woods brings the love of nature to even the youngest children.

As a parent we want this for our children, but often don’t have the confidence to let it happen. Wild Woods is here to help you find the self-assurance you need to bring the forest into your child’s life.

Aquire the skills you will need to play safely without apprehension. Learn to identify edible and poisonous plant, animal tracks and basic wilderness safety, giving you the poise to play wild.


Our preschool friend accessing risk

Forest School is a child-led and centered learning process. Wild Woods offers opportunities for holistic growth through a single, but ideally over regular sessions.

Wild Woods is a long-term six weeks program that supports play, exploration and supported risk taking. It develops confidence and self-esteem through learner inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting.

Wild Woods Weekly Schedule

Saturdays 9:30am -Noon

Session One: May 20, 2023-June 10, 2023

9:30am: Meet at an Wild Garden of Childhood

10:00 Pack up and hike out

10:15-11:45 Forest Play and exploration and snack provided

11:45 Hike out

12:00 Parent pick up at Wild Garden of Childhood

What to Bring

Back pack

Extra clothes: A full set including shoes


Rain gear, snow gear or summer gear depending on the weather

Easy Snack

Water bottle filled

Child must be potty trained- Folding toilet will be available

Cost of Programming

$150 for per child ( five week session)

Group leader taking time to talk about the magic in the woods

What to Expect at Wild Woods

Expect a welcoming community

Expect all skill and comfort levels

Expect new skills

Expect exploration

Expect fun

Developmentally appropriate play

Mill River Florence

Ready for an Adventure

Wild Woods is an off shoot of Wild Garden of Childhood, LLC and run by Lauren Miller. Lauren has extensive experience in outdoor educations for this wonderful age population. She is passionate about free play and self exploration.

Some interesting reads

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What is Forest School

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